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OFAB! (Over 40 & Beautiful!)

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By Gale Clare


"I enjoy being a girl".... (Flower Drum Song)

Be OFABULOUS all year long........

OFAB Customized Anti-Aging Skincare

SO, why should you customize? You ARE unique....one of a kind; your skincare products should be too! OFAB will customize your moisturizers, cleansers and masques with serums that work on your specific skin conditions.  You even get to pick your own scents.... or scent-free.  Stop wasting money on products you think you need from commercials or see at a store. You'll get approx. 33% more of the serums that you need as opposed to mass marketed products.  We also have some retail products available that are not customized unless you want them to be.

After you place your order....we'll get to work by typing your skin and picking  your serums and scents.  We save your money and they work better....what more could you want?  Get shopping!

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