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OFAB! (Over 40 & Beautiful!)

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By Gale Clare


In 2001, OFAB came to be as a fitness center to help women get thru menopause....thus, OFAB meaning Over 40 and Beautiful.  It was a circuit fitness center (like Curves) so all the ladies would talk about every subject under the sun.  We all felt comfortable since it was for women only.  There was no restriction for age though because many ladies like working out with just women around.  We had lots of laughs and heard many stories over the years....and I became close friends with many of the ladies which helped when my husband suddenly passed away.
The unit next to the fitness center became available and I ended up renting that also and put a Day Spa in.  I became very infatuated with learning about skin and while interviewing vendors for my skincare line was drawn to being able to customize a ladies' products.  I became certified and started performing the facial services and really enjoyed customizing their skincare products.  I closed both of them at the end of 2005 but still continued offering customized skincare.  And still do!  It's wonderful to see the serums that really make a difference in their skin and I'm always learning about new ones too!