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OFAB! (Over 40 & Beautiful!)

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By Gale Clare


Here are the base products we offer.  After you email a request, you will be contacted for your skincare interview.  We want to make sure that your skin "typing" is correct before we make a plan.  We'll go over the available serums and decide which skin conditions you'd like to work on.  Typically you would select 3 quality serums in a PM Creme and 2 in your AM Creme.  We always put SPF in the AM cremes so in the morning we're reducing the amount of time you spend getting ready.  All of our products are high quality botanicals from reputable skincare vendors....no animal testing.
OK, let's begin with our Daily Skincare Routine:

Cleansing - Starting with a cleanser that suits your skin type is important.  Please don't just use soap!  The most common mistake is people using cleansers for oily skin or physical scrubs that could be causing more damage to your skin.  We have 3 options of cleansers which last at least 2 months:  
Foaming Milk Cleanser - Any Skin type  - $15
Orange AHA Cleanser - Anti-aging cleanser - $15
NEW - Whipped Mineral Cleanser - $15

We also have the option to add in a serum for an added boost. (+ $5)

Moisturizers - I recommend using both an AM Creme and a PM Creme since they each provide different functions.  Your AM Creme Hydrates and Protects, while your PM Creme Restores and Replenishes.

Your AM Creme will be a base of botanical, high grade moisturing creme based on your skin type and a botanical, high grade Hyrdrating Gel.  We will decide which serum and/or extracts will be added in along with an SPF30. We also add some Hyalauronic Acid to retain moisture in your creme. And last, you'll choose the scent you'd like.   - $40

Your PM Creme will have the same base as your AM, BUT this is where we will choose 3 serums that will work on your specific skin conditions.  When you purchase "over the counter" skincare products there is just a minimal amount of serum added.  When products are customized you jump all the way to approximately 30% more of these valuable serums.
And last, choose your scent. -  $45

The Creme's last approximately 2 months!
OFAB can customize ANY product you'd like......Moisturizers, Hydrating Gels, Cleansers, Scrubs, Masques, Eye Gels or Creams, Daytime SPF's,....anything you like using, we can make with serums just for you! 
Email for more information.
OFAB offers 3 types of anti-aging cleansers that work for all types of skin.  Be sure you're NOT just using soap!

    Foaming Milk Cleanser - $15
    Whipped Botanical Cleanser - $15
    AHA Orange Glycolic Cleanser - $16