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OFAB! (Over 40 & Beautiful!)

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By Gale Clare


  Cleanser Special!

     For a LIMITED TIME,  purchase any of our cleansers & you'll get a FREE travel size!
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It turns out that Cleopatra knew what she was doing with her milk baths!  Milk cleansers contain a mild exfoliant with their lactic acid ingredient.  Our foaming milk cleanser also lasts a very long time; all you need is a dot to lather into a luxurious foaming cleanser. Originally our Pineapple Foaming Milk Cleanser, but you can also choose your own scent too!  -  $15
  Milk Cleanser - $15
 Whipped Botanical Facial Cleanser

Not only is it whipped, it's pearlized too!  This is a Botanical cleanser that is good for all skin types.  You feel luxurious just using it!  It has a nice, light coconut scent and makes your skin feel so incredibly soft.  Available in 2 sizes or get a free sample with any customized moisturizer.

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  Whipped Cleanser - $15
AHA Glycolic Gel Cleanser​​

Hold on a minute....I'm VERY serious about fighting aging skin!  Ok then....THIS Glycolic gel cleanser is the one for you!  Glycolics are THE best exfoliators.  This cleanser does not lather up the way the others do, but the glycolics are doing all the work.  Currently an orange scent but you are able to choose a different scent.
  Available in 2 sizes or get a free sample with any customized moisturizer.
  AHA Glycolic Gel  Cleanser - $16
Creamy Vitamin E Cleanser​​

This cleanser if for all the ladies that suffer with VERY dry skin, especially in the cold winter months.  This cleanser leaves you with a hydrated feel on your skin and soft as silk.  But especially for you dry skin ladies, you MUST put on a daily moisturizer and SPF to retain the moisture!
  Available in 2 sizes or get a free sample with any customized moisturizer.
 Creamy Vit E  Cleanser - $16
Charcoal Bamboo Enzyme Scrub​​

This is a very high quality physical scrub that includes ingredients like bamboo powder, Bromelain (natural enzyme from pineapple), polypeptides and several other natural ingredients to give you skin the polished, youthful glow. Use either as a pre-mask mask or gently massage onto face after cleansing.  -  $25 
  Charcoal Bamboo Scrub $25



This type of mask is wonderful for restoring your skin!  You'll see fine lines diminish, pores reduce, leaves a smooth satiny feeling afterwards.  It will not harden like a clay mask; aging skin does not do well with an abrasive products so a gel mask is perfect!    $30 (approx. 6 - 8 masks)

Hydra Botanical Mask
 This type of mask will get slightly firm so gently remove the mask when you're done.  It's loaded with healing minerals that will replenish your skin and also smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles.  Works on all skin types except Very Dry skin. $30

  Maximum Moisture Mask
 This type of mask is very creamy and remains creamy while working.  Best for very Dry, dehydrated skin.  It replenishes the lost moisture while at the same time also puffs up fine lines and wrinkles.  Be sure to lock in the moisture after masking with your moisturizer and SPF.  $35

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  Renew Gel Mask - $30
 Hydra Botanical  Mask - $30
Max Moisture Mask - $35
Glycolic Gel Creme​​

This is one of our newer products.  Yes, I'm taking advantage of all those commercials educating everyone about how incredible glycolics are for fighting aging skin.  It helps dissolve oil and sebum at the top layer of skin & exfoliates dead skin cells, thus increasing cell turnover. "Gel" formulas penetrate deep into the skin that works on several aging conditions including fine lines, reducing pores and even helps with blackheads.  Apply a thin layer prior to moisturizing.  Normally using new skin products takes approx. 6 weeks to see results.....not with this!  Seriously, I saw the difference the next morning!   -   $18

Glycolic Gel Creme - $18